Our Curriculum Intent

For children to:

  • Be inspired, challenged, and engaged in a broad and balanced History curriculum that fosters a sense of wonder about the past.
  • Build their knowledge of different periods of history, both as a valuable activity in its own right, and as a pre-requisite for deep thinking about history.
  • Develop their understanding of key broad historical themes such as chronology, cause and effect, context, significance, progress, evidence, perspective, connections and contrasts, and to consider these themes within and between different periods of history.
  • Develop their understanding of more specific ideas and concepts that re-occur throughout history. These include region/country/empire, civilisation, democracy/dictatorship, migration/settlement, wealth/power, invasion, conflict, exploration, trade, society, technology, culture and religion.
  • Become enquiring historians who think deeply about their learning and ask relevant questions so that they can find out more about the periods of history that they study.
  • Be able to use their understanding of the past to inform their understanding of the present and future.



The way topics are studied enable children to build on their knowledge and key skills, and to make links in their learning. Children evaluate primary and secondary sources, questioning their reliability and developing an understanding of why change has happened and how people felt about it.


School trips, or learning experiences beyond the classroom, help immerse children in the period studied. Local history is incorporated, where possible, to provide context. We endeavour to represent the diversity of our school community (ethnicity, gender, disability and neurodiversity) when studying history so that children can see themselves within our curriculum.



From studying history at Alexandra Junior School, we want to foster an interest and curiosity in the past, ensuring all children have an appreciation and understanding of how people and events have shaped the modern world in which they live.

History Progression Overview

Black History Month Progression Overview