Curriculum Support


Our children have a range of needs and are all supported by quality first teaching within the classroom. This means the curriculum is adapted to meet their needs either by level of support or by resourcing. When additional support is required, we are able to offer a wide range of provision based on each child's needs. This includes:

  • In class additional support by a teacher or teaching assistant. Every class has a teaching assistant to help support learning. The class teacher and teaching assistant liaise over planning to ensure that the children’s needs are being met. Having an additional adult ensures that children are supported without always having to be taken away from their peers to work in a separate room as this can affect a child’s self esteem.
  • Additional literacy or maths groups to help develop children’s basic skills. This may include writing activities, additional phonics, reading comprehension or maths activities using specific interventions such as LEXIA, Letters & Sounds and Nessy Fingers.
  • Handwriting intervention. Every child is different when developing theskills needed to hold a pencil and write. Children will be given support with letter and word spacing, letter formation, developing their writing speed and pencil grip.
  • Social and emotional development sessions with the Learning Mentor or SEN TA. These sessions are either 1-1 or in a small group.
  • Speech and Language Therapy under advice from the Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Resources for Dyslexia
  • Occupational therapy exercises under the advice of the Occupational Therapist.
  • Transition support for children moving year groups and changing