Governance & Scheme of Delegation

We benefit from a committed and strategic Local Committee (formally known as Governors), who have an unswerving commitment to improving every child’s wellbeing, learning and progress.

Our Leadership Team and Local Committee have developed a deep, shared vision and determined ambition to continue our upward, continuous, improvement journey, which is consistent with our Multi Academy Trust, Nexus Education Schools Trust (NEST). Our dedicated Local Committee offers a wide array of skills, knowledge and experience, and they are committed to achieving the best for every child.

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Our Local Committee focuses on four main areas of the school's performance and provision:
  • Achievement, Curriculum and Standards
  • Inclusion (encompassing SEND, vulnerable groups and pupils eligible for the pupil premium grant (PPG))
  • Provision, Resources and Finance
  • Safeguarding including (compliance, attendance and pupil welfare)

Minutes of Local Committee meetings are available for parents/carers to see in order to keep them informed of any important developments affecting their child.

Rachel Palmer Goncalves (Community)
Vice Chair
Viv Foster (Parent)
Julia Robinson
Stephen Goulds, Deputy Head (As An Observer) 
Alfred Amodu
Gill Halestrap
Mishia Legget
Jess Blake
Emily Dew