We are committed to the wellbeing and safety of every child in our school. We regularly talk to children about how to keep themselves safe in assemblies, and this includes the safe and responsible use of technology.

    Our E-safety thought for today:

    does your child have access to a phone, tablet or pc in his / her bedroom?


    Special Fluffy Visitors


    On Monday 19th January, Year 5 welcomed some special visitors from the Happy Chick Company. The whole school, adults and children alike, have been enthralled with the hatching of 13 eggs.


    Chicks’ Diary

    Day 1 Eggs arrive and are put in the incubator
    Day 2 1 tiny crack in one egg
    Day 3 by lunch time 13 out of 14 eggs are hatched
    Day 3 after school, chicks transferred into 2 booster boxes
    Day 4 and 5 children from all classes visit the chicks and have the opportunity to hold them. Some chicks fall asleep in the children’s hands.
    Week 2 Children visiting / looking after chicks. Chicks allowed out of their boxes to run around in the classrooms. Some children in Year 6 reading stories to the chicks.
    Final Day A ‘Farewell Chicks’ assembly. Chicks collected by the Happy Chick Company to be rehoused at farms and allotments.




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